🌐 Ability to zoom out beyond the boundaries 🌐

👋 Hi, my name is Purwo Widodo! I’m a passionate and energetic Backend Developer with over 2+ years of professional experience, committed to delivering reliable, prompt, and high-quality solutions.

💡 Why work with me? As a developer, I pride myself on:

  • Quick learning and adaptability

  • Emphasizing clean and maintainable code

  • Honesty and integrity in all aspects of my work

🔧 Technical Skills:

  • Backend: Proficient in Python and Go

  • Experienced with various frameworks, libraries, and tools

🔗 Connect with me for:

  • Potential collaboration or projects

  • Knowledge-sharing and staying up-to-date with industry trends

  • Building meaningful professional relationships

  • Check out my work on GitHub:

Let’s go beyond boundaries and create amazing solutions together!


  • 2020/12 - Present, Software Engineer - Full-time (Remote), PT. Perjalanan Menembus Galaksi, Bandung, Indonesia

    As a member of the Backend Team, my responsibilities will be to develop and improve an existing system within the company. Additionally, I’ll be responsible for troubleshooting any issues in the system.

  • 2022/03 - Present, Embedded Engineer - Freelance (Remote), Assessed, Indonesia, Client from Singapore

    My responsibility is to maintain the NUS STP Portal website for a client based in Singapore.

  • 2020/09 - 2020/09, DevOps Engineer - Freelance (Remote),, Indonesia, Client from Korea

    My responsibility is to optimize a startup’s WordPress website for a client in Korea. This will involve migrating the site to Amazon Lightsail and configuring SSL certificates.

  • 2017/10 - 2020/05, IT Staff - Full-time (On-site), PT. Solusi Intek Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Back-end and R&D

    As a Back-end and R&D, I am responsible for developing back-end components, collaborating with internal teams to provide technical solutions, and performing R&D on GSM Software-Defined Radio. You’ll also build prototypes, test new technology for use in new products, and conduct penetration testing.

    Maltego Trainer

    As a Maltego Trainer, my responsibility is to train individuals and teams to enhance their skills in using Maltego for cyber profiling and deep technique analysis. I will create training materials, hold training sessions, and offer ongoing support to ensure they are proficient in using Maltego.

    Drone Pilot

    As a Drone Pilot, My responsibilities include checking and maintaining drones before the flight, analyzing weather conditions for safe flying, documenting flight logs, monitoring drones during flight, planning flight routes, and gathering information or taking aerial photographs as needed.

  • 2017/03 - 2017/09, Student - Activities and societies, QODR & BUGR, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia

    Learn basic of programming, cybersecurity and ethical hacking. BUGR Team


  • Machine Learning, Big Data, Security